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Location Based Services


iTracker uses is a small electronic equipment linked to the GPS, a satellite-based navigation system, which can be used to track the vehicles and their position, route, starting and stopping time, speed and engine status.

The vehicle information will be transferred through the wireless GPRS network to your computer in real time. So you can evaluate and detect the vehicles usage for more efficient use and management.

  • See a moving target (e.g., a car, a bus, a truck, a trailer, a container etc.) real time on internet enabled PC/PDA.
  • See group of vehicles together on the same screen with position automatically being updated in real time.
  • Fully automatic and covert solution.
  • Works through out the globe where cellular coverage is available.
  • Ability to set up Geographical Virtual fence simply by clicking on the map (Automatic alerts are released when the vehicle enters or leaves the geofence).
  • Automatically locates nearest vehicle from a group of vehicles to be deployed to a desired location.


  • Web based Vehicle tracking.
  • Record the movement of vehicle which can be viewed live in map.
  • Historic data on movement of every 30 second.
  • High level security
  • Quality equipments and professional finishing on products
  • Quickest delivery

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