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ICT Alliance is an innovation organization. Its strategy is to configure the value proposition of products and solutions converging to  a specific niche's demand with affordable and/or competitive price.

In this section, you will find a set of tools, which are not new in the market, but ICT Alliance configured these to specific need of some sectors (e.g. specific service industry clients of UK etc.), as follows:

SEO Tools: ICT Alliance works extensively to continioously bring webpages in the top search results of welknown search engines like Google, bing, Yahoo etc. XML Sitemap generators is a free tools to generate a XML sitemap for your website to submit it to search engines.

Web Buildup Solutions: Now a days, there are many teimplate based web buildnnup solutions. ICT Alliance with its market experience, bring these tool packed up with other services to satisfy specific customer segment.

Directory Display Solutions: ICT Alliance offers complete solution on business directory / Yellow Pages display,/search, online and offline in HTML and Flash based fashion with its proprietory data handling techniques (no database  engine is required).

Content Management Tool: In the era of Web 2.0, aside thousands of CMS tools, ICT Alliance offers is easy handling CMS tool for specific clients like online journals and periodicals publishers, online pharmacies, restaurants, retailers, and other clients who want to manage their content .

Shopping Cart Solution: ICT Alliance has integrated its shopping cart solution with its CMS, and web Buildup solution. The sopping cart offers wide range of options to create and organize product catalogue, product variants and their matrix.

B2B Solution: ICT Alliance connects business community with its proprietory B2B solution, having industry specific functional characteristics. Download factsheet.

Restaurant Order taking solution: ICT Alliance offeres restaurants to put thier cattalogues on our tool and integrates its online order taking options with it.

Spider and Mashup tool: ICT Alliance has its propirtery spider tool to understand the structure of any online content, and mashup tool to syndicate the contents. It makes content sysndication easy by removing your manual effort.

On the business sector, we provide consultation to clients (Entreprenuer & Organizations) regarding overall business. Addition to the consultation, our concerns provide research & development program. The research system is at par with the international standard and it is lead by our experienced resources.`

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