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Offshore Software Development Staffing (OS) Model

Vast experience of ICTAlliance coupled with our mature, time-tested methodology allows us to develop the most appropriate outsourcing strategy for each of our clients. From years of experience in software development outsourcing business we have realized that the majority of outsourced projects could fit into our standard outsourcing model. However in some cases the standard model can't be accepted by a Client because of different reasons:
  • Possible hidden risks of full project outsourcing
  • No in-house experience of working with offshore software companies
  • Strong onsite own team that should be assigned to the project
ICTAlliance proposes an alternative approach to the software development outsourcing process. Our Offshore Staffing model enables you to:
  • Extend your own team for some time with a group of several offshore developers
  • Create your own team in offshore which will be fully dedicated to your projects
Offshore staffing model

How it works:
  1. Execution of NDA & Teaming Agreement with clear identification of collaboration issues, rates, terms and conditions.
  2. You send us a Request For Resources where the following points must be defined:
    • People skills requirements (what people must know to start working in your project)
    • (Optional) working environment requirements (what environment should be created)
    • Duration and start date of the assignment - for how long you will need the resources
    • Projects Outline - short description of your projects you want assign people to
  3. In ICTAlliance we create required infrastructure and working environment. Then we provide you with CVs of people that match your requirements. It can be both ICTAlliance' staff and also newcomers that will be hired specially for your projects.
  4. You review the CVs and interview suitable people (this can be simply done by phone).
  5. Jointly we define an offshore project manager - primary point of contact for you.
  6. Selected PM, our Senior Manager, and you define the offshore team structure suitable for your needs.
  7. We arrange a common teleconference, kick-off meeting, where points of contact and team members at each side will be introduced to each other. Also reporting schedules and types must be defined in a meeting between PMs.
  8. Projects execution: Onsite PM provides project plans or direct tasks to the offshore team. Tasks distribution within the offshore team can be performed in 2 ways:
    • Onsite PM provides Offshore PM with a high-level task that defines micro tasks for each offshore team member
    • Onsite PM can assign tasks directly to each offshore team member.
  9. Transition

If you feel that you don't need requested resources anymore after project finish, you can simply virtually dismiss them by sending cancellation to us.

Roles & Actors

Onsite Project Manager
The person can be either from ICTAlliance or Client's employee. In first case our manager will be assigned for the role and his/her business trip to the Client will be required.
  • Performs general project overview
  • Controls on-time deliveries and project milestones achievement
  • Validates quality of provided deliveries

Onsite Business Analyst
  • performs clarification of project requirements
  • provides answers to questions from offshore team about project requirements
  • (Optional) updates project specifications, use-cases etc.

Onsite Development Team (optional)
Our Clients can have their own onsite development team as well as offshore. This happens when Client has transferred only some part of a project to be performed in offshore.

Onsite QA Team (optional)
Although all project deliverables will be thoroughly verified in ICTAlliance, we recommend our Clients to assign onsite QA resource for validation of provided product.

Onsite Outsourcing Manager
High-level (or even top-level) person on Client's side who manages the overall process of communication with the outsourcing vendor (including financial, staffing and other questions).

Offshore Project Manager
In ICTAlliance we assign dedicated PM for each new project. Offshore PM is a fully responsible person for on-time and on-budget project accomplishment.
  • responsible for project management on micro-level
  • compiles project team
Offshore Business Analyst (optional, but strongly recommended)
Requirements management is one of the most important processes in working with software development outsourcing companies. Developers must understand what features they need to code. It is an ideal variant to have detailed specifications before start of development, but we understand that creation of such specifications takes time of our Clients. Thus we assign local Business Analyst who is responsible for requirements clarification, conversion of customer needs into formalized development specifications.
  • clarifies requirements
  • creates Software Requirements Specifications and Use-Cases
Offshore QA Team
  • performs product testing during the whole SDLC
  • performs additional performance, load testing
  • creates deliveries
Offshore Development Team
  • responsible for requirements implementation into code
  • performs unit testing
  • creates deliveries
Offshore Outsourcing Manager
  • This is one person from ICTAlliance senior management who manages relationships with the Client.
  • All communication is performed between Business Analysts, Project Managers and Outsourcing managers accordingly.
  • If you feel that the model is not comfortable for you, our management is ready to tailor it to your needs while keeping internal efficiency and results quality. Contact us or more details.

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